The Company

COR PHARMACEUTICALS S.A. is a Greek pharmaceutical company specializing in development, production and distribution of medicines, food supplements and cosmetics. We focus on people and their needs to implement innovative ideas creating health and nutrition products.

Our philosophy embodies complete nourishment and profound wellbeing. Through our formulations, we demonstrate a scientific approach to product development. Through our ingredients, we feature the proven health and wellness benefits of the nature. Currently comprising more than 24 nutritional products Cellbium food supplement range is suitable for children and adults. The primary goal of our formulation concept is to achieve the maximum possible effectiveness, versatility, purity, gentleness, balance and, above all, safety.

COR PHARMACEUTICALS S.A. products are developed and produced in factories in Greece and in countries within the European Union. The manufacturing plants meet strict criteria for the production process with modern facilities that apply to international management system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Points). All ingredients of our products are tested for adulteration and microbiological contamination prior to production. All our food supplements are notified for the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) and hold all the necessary documents and certificates, as defined by the Greek and European legislation. Health claims on products used in their containers are approved in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 of the European Commission (EFSA).